Dream Balkans
Dream Balkans
Dream Balkans
Dream Balkans


Albania presents a mesmerising fusion of scenic vistas, cultural diversity, and an array of outdoor experiences.

A popular destination, the Albanian Riviera encourages tourists with its clear waters, sand beaches, and charming seaside towns.

Travelling inland offers a wealth of mediaeval villages, old castles, and stunning mountain views. Three must-see locations include the UNESCO-listed city of Berat, the stunning ancient site of Butrint, and the quaint city of Gjirokastra, which dates back to the Ottoman Empire.

Hikers and trekkers interested in the great outdoors can visit Albania’s national parks, such as the magnificent Valbona and Theth National Parks.

Albania provides a one-of-a-kind and authentic travel adventure with friendly locals, delectable cuisine, and a wealth of natural and cultural gems, all at a cost that allows you to enjoy a week’s stay for the same price as three days in neighboring countries.

Population: 2.812 mil  Size: 28,748 km² (11,100 sq. mi.) Currency: Lek (All) Conversion (EUR/USD): 105.4/99.6 ALL Capital: Tirana Country code: +355 Transportation: Furgon minibus, taxi Preferred payment method: cash ATM fee: 300-700 lek

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