Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia & HerzegovinaMonth-By-Month There are pros and cons to visiting a destination during any time of the year. Find out what you can expect during your ideal travel time, from weather and climate, to holidays, festivals, and more. General info December-February March-May June-August September-November In the heart of the Balkans lies Bosnia and Herzegovina, a […]


Slovenia In the heart of Europe Slovenia lies where the Alps meet the Mediterranean and the Pannonian plain meets the karst world. Steeped in history, Slovenia has danced to the tunes of the Habsburgs and felt the influence of Venice. Post-World War II, it embraced democracy, gaining independence in 1991. Slovenia unfolds with cities and […]


Albania Albania presents a mesmerising fusion of scenic vistas, cultural diversity, and an array of outdoor experiences. A popular destination, the Albanian Riviera encourages tourists with its clear waters, sand beaches, and charming seaside towns. Travelling inland offers a wealth of mediaeval villages, old castles, and stunning mountain views. Three must-see locations include the UNESCO-listed […]


Montenegro Montenegro’s wild beauty unfolds in the heart of Europe, inviting visitors to discover its unique charm and allure.¬†Visitors can begin their day with coffee in the morning on one of the many beaches in the Budva Riviera, have lunch by Lake Skadar, and enjoy evening by the fireplace in the breathtaking Durmitor mountain region. […]


Serbia Serbia is a dynamic country, teeming with its numerous film, music, art, and culinary festivals attract many to experience its vibrant culture. Serbia has an abundance of natural resources that are just waiting to be explored, from the lofty mountains in the south to the wide plains in the north. Belgrade, the capital of […]


Croatia Croatia combines a rich past with contemporary vigor, as seen in the old walls of the medieval city of Dubrovnik and the energetic capital city of Zagreb. The breathtaking Plitvice Lakes National Park features verdant surroundings with tumbling waterfalls. Croatia’s coastline stretches along the Adriatic Sea, providing stunning beaches and over a thousand islands, […]