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Sarajevo, often likened to Jerusalem, stands as a rare capital where the call to prayer from minarets harmonizes with the sound of church bells. Despite its turbulent history, Sarajevo has retained its unique essence.

Our Sarajevo walking tour offers a glimpse of diverse religious architectures, including Muslim, Catholic Christian, Orthodox Christian, and Jewish, all within minutes of each other. Delve into the historic backdrop of the assassination that ignited World War I. Uncover stories of unity between Muslims and Jews during times of the WWII.

Try traditional dishes and witness skilled copper-smiths at work. Experience the fusion of Oriental, European, and Yugoslav influences that gives Sarajevo its exceptional charm. Learn how a city with a war past can exude such an inviting atmosphere.

In just over two hours, you’ll capture the essence of Sarajevo’s soul!

If you are interested in complex history of the Yugoslav Wars we recommend pairing your visit with our Bosnian and Yugoslav War tour.


  • Experience Sarajevo's unique blend of Ottoman, Austro-Hungarian, and Yugoslav influences, creating its distinct and harmonious character.
  • Wander the enchanting Baščaršija district, where cobbled streets lead to bustling bazaars, traditional craft shops, and the magnificent Gazi Husrev-beg Mosque.
  • Immerse yourself in Islamic culture and history.
  • Observe skilled artisans practicing the traditional craft of coppersmithing in Sarajevo. You'll have the opportunity to see the intricate process of creating stunning copperware, showcasing yet another facet of the city's rich heritage.
  • Explore Sarajevo's shift to Austro-Hungarian architecture on Ferhadija Street. The iconic Sarajevo City Hall (Vijećnica) now hosts the National Library. Nearby, the historic Latin Bridge marks the spot where Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassination triggered World War I.


  • Informative and professional local guide
  • Open and courageous communication
  • Small group tour
  • Guaranteed departure
  • Entering attractions from the inside
  • Tour is shared (unless specified)
  • Standard tours are in English (unless specified)
  • Optional Tips: Always Appreciated


Area 1 Old Town

Step into Sarajevo's enchanting Ottoman past, where stories of centuries gone by echo through its cobblestone streets and ornate architecture. Join us on a journey back in time to discover the rich history and culture that shaped this Balkan gem. Listen to the coppersmith's hammer, taste traditional delights, sip from ancient fountains, and uncover the city's famous legends. Learn about Islam and its profound impact on the people of Sarajevo, as you uncover the cultural and historical diversity of the city.

Old Town (Baščaršija) walking tours includes visit to:

  • Gazi Husrev-bey’s mosque
  • Sarajevo Clock Tower
  • Morić Han 
  • Sebilj
  • Coppersmith street
  • Bravadžiluk street (Food street)
  • City Hall (City Library) 
  • House of Spite
  • Emperor’s mosque 
  • Latin Bridge
  • WWI Assassination Spot
  • Taslihan and Bezistan
  • Jewish Synagogue 

Area 2: Sarajevo Center

During the Austro-Hungarian era in Sarajevo, which began in the late 19th century, the city underwent a significant transformation. This period saw the construction of European-style buildings and a focus on historicist architecture, leaving a lasting impact on Sarajevo's look and feel. This era brought modernization, including the introduction of trams and improved utilities. Sarajevo became a cultural melting pot, welcoming artists, intellectuals, and entrepreneurs from various backgrounds. Today, the city proudly displays its Austro-Hungarian heritage through its architecture and urban planning.

In Sarajevo Center you will see:

  • Cathedral of Holly Hearth of Jesus
  • City Market (Markale)
  • The Congregational Church of the Holy Mother
  • Hotel Europe
  • Sarajevo Brewery
  • Museum 1878-1918
  • Place of assassination
  • City Hall 

Food Tasting

Sarajevo, a culinary heaven seasoned with only salt, pepper, and a dash of red paprika. Wondering how such simplicity can deliver such exquisite flavors? It's all about the fresh, organic ingredients. While we won't be indulging in traditional Bosnian food on this tour, we'll introduce you to the key ingredients that make Sarajevo's cuisine truly exceptional, and baklava of course :)


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Rosemary (Australia)

Excellent tour!
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Sabina was amazing. Got so many Information about Sarajevo. Time passes by very quickly.
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We took the free walking tour as we like when we arrive in country main city to know a bit better of its history and good tips. Our guide was Sabina (we hope that we are not making mistake about her name). She was an amazing guide!!! She gave us a lot of information about Sarajevo/Bosnia. She was speaking a really good English and really easygoing. We also appreciate the fact that she seemed to not stick to her speech but also gave us her opinion about the situation of the country. That makes a really personnal and perfect tour. For us, it looks like she likes her job but she also like her country and the people who leave in. We highly recommend!!
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