Sarajevo to Split: Mostar, Blagaj, Pocitelj & Kravica Falls

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Traveling from Sarajevo to Split (and vice versa) is a long journey. Especially because Bosnia and Herzegovina does not have highway connecting two cities. The good news is that there are Bosnian highlights in between, such as: Mostar (UNESCO), Kravica Falls (biggest waterfall), Pocitelj, Blagaj with Dervish Tekke and Konjic. There is a high chance you already had them in your travel list. Why not then see them while you are traveling from Sarajevo to Split? Why not save a full day with out our special package that seamlessly blends transfer and tour? With convenient Sarajevo pick-up and Split drop-off, this is by far the easiest way to travel to Croatia.

Planning a Balkan adventure? We also offer seamless transfer/tours from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Kotor, Podgorica or Ljubljana. Seeking a custom final destination or you would like us to create you a package? Contact us for a tailor-made, bespoke tour to suit your travel dreams.


  • Hassle free travel from Sarajevo to Split
  • Discover the magnificent UNESCO World Heritage site of Mostar's old town.
  • In Blagaj, visit the Dervish Monestery and the River Buna's source.
  • Admire the masonry as you stroll through the historic town of Pocitelj with amazing panoramic view.
  • Discover and swim at the Kravice waterfalls which resembles a scene from a fairytale.
  • Enjoy the charm of Herzegovina's historic towns, rivers, and lakes.


  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Transport by air-conditioned vehicle
  • Driver/guide
  • Swimming at Kravica Falls (summer only)
  • Entrance fees to Kravica Falls (10€) & Tekke (5€)
  • Tour is shared (unless specified)
  • Standard tours are in English (unless specified)
  • Minimum 2 people for the tour to be operational
  • Optional Tips: Always Appreciated


We will provide You with a pick up directly from your Sarajevo accommodation. Once we assist with your luggage, our journey begins with the first exciting stop.


A little town with a population of just under 26,000 and a history dating back 4,000 years, Konjic is where Bosnia and Herzegovina meet. Home to one of the most beautiful bridges in the country! A 6-arc stone bridge built in early Ottoman style, is regrettably still overshadowed by Mostar's bridge. The town's current claim to fame is as the site of some of the country's most thrilling whitewater rafting but also the home of best kept secret in Yugoslavia - Tito's Bunker . Soak up the stunning scenery of Prenj mountain and emerald green Neretva river while learning about the area's rich history from our knowledgeable guide.


Mostar's story begins in the 15th century when it was founded by the Ottomans. The city quickly developed into a thriving trading center where traders from different cultures gathered. The architecture, food, and manner of life in Mostar still reflect this rich fusion of influences. The Stari Most, the crowning achievement of Ottoman architect Mimar Hayruddin, was built in 1566 and is the pride of Mostar. Its graceful, single-arch design was an engineering wonder and a crucial connection between the two sections of the city. The bridge represented more than simply a physical connection but also a symbol of the harmonious coexistence of different nationalities. Mostar was severely damaged during the turbulent years of the Bosnian War in the 1990s, with the Stari Most being completely destroyed. In 2004 bridge rose like a Fenix from ashes. Protected by UNESCO, Old Town of Mostar is definitely a highlight of the journey!


Blagaj tekke has been a center for mysticism and spirituality since its construction in the 16th century by Dervish monks. The white walls and tranquil courtyard are ideal for guests in search of some peace and quiet. Explore with your guide the interior of the tekke, revealing beautiful calligraphy and artistic ornamentation where the reverberations of old prayers can be felt even today. Discover the history and current practices of the Sufi Order that has been maintaining the tekke for centuries. Get your hands wet in Europe's largest freshwater spring with optional boat ride in the cave.


Počitelj is a time capsule from the 14th century that seems to have never changed. Perched on a hill above the Neretva River, this picturesque village is an enchanting place straight out of a storybook. Stunning stone homes, a magnificent clock tower, mosque, and fortification all contribute to the city's one-of-a-kind design. The silo-shaped forth is the most noticeable feature, and it provides a breathtaking vista. Often neglected, but unquestionably worth the trip - in this case short hike!

Kravica Falls

Kravica waterfall, which is comparable to the renowned Niagara falls in terms of its spectacular majesty, is a must-see sight in the Herzegovina region, especially in the summer when people can swim here. Spectacular waterfall is formed by river Trebižat, the only river in Europe to go underground and then resurface nine times. That's why it's frequently referred to as the "river with 9 names." The 120-meter-wide waterfall has been named one of the world's top 15 swimming spots by Timeout. Even if you're not a fan of swimming, it's still impressive to see. NOTE: Don't forget swimwear, you might regret it!

We will provide you with the drop off directly to your accommodation in Split or the closest point if you are staying at the Old Town where vehicles are restricted. 


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