Sarajevo to Zagreb: Jajce, Travnik, Pliva Watermills and Pliva Lake

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Traveling from Sarajevo to Zagreb (and vice versa) is a long journey. Especially because Bosnia and Herzegovina does not have highway connecting two cities. The good news is that there are highlights in between, such as: Jajce (Royal city), Travnik, Pliva lakes and Watermills. There is a high chance you already had them in your travel list. Why not then see them while you are traveling from Sarajevo to Zagreb? Why not save a full day with out our special package that seamlessly blends transfer and tour? With convenient Sarajevo pick-up and Zagreb drop-off, this is by far the easiest way to travel to Croatia.

Planning a Balkan adventure? We also offer seamless transfer/tours from Sarajevo to Dubrovnik, Zagreb, Split, Kotor or Ljubljana. Seeking a custom final destination or you would like us to create you a package? Contact us for a tailor-made, bespoke tour to suit your travel dreams.

IMPORTANT: Tour includes border passing from Bosnia and Herzegovina to Croatia. Please check visa requirements and have your passport with you.


  • Witness a stunning waterfall where the Pliva River meets the Vrbas River. Enter mistical catacombs and explore a hilltop medieval fortress while taking in the town's picturesque beauty
  • Walk through the charming Old Town with Ottoman-era architecture and enter Colorful mosque, visit the vividly blue Plava Voda spring, and explore the historic Travnik Fortress.
  • With your camera in hand, capture the enchanting fairytale-like beauty of the watermills nestled amidst the serene Pliva Lake surroundings.


  • Hotel pickup and drop-off
  • Transport by air-conditioned vehicle
  • Driver/guide
  • Bosnian Homemade Sandwich (vegetarian option available)
  • Entrance fees to Travnik and Jajce fortress, Catacombs and Waterfall
  • Tour is shared (unless specified)
  • Standard tours are in English (unless specified)
  • Optional Tips: Always Appreciated


We will provide You with a pick up directly from your Sarajevo accommodation. Once we assist with your luggage, our journey begins with the first exciting stop.


Our journey begins with a visit to the delightful town of Travnik, often hailed as both a living museum and a haven for food enthusiasts (Travnik ćevapi). Notably, it is the birthplace of the renowned Yugoslav novelist and Nobel Prize laureate, Ivo Andrić. While wandering through the cobblestone streets of Travnik, you will come upon the captivating Fourth Stari Grad (Old Town), an impeccably preserved relic from medieval Bosnia, significantly influenced by the Ottoman era. As you delve into the depths of this historical gem, you'll swiftly realize why Travnik stands as a living testament to the intricate history of Bosnia. Beneath the fortress lies a hidden treasure—a blue water spring, offering crystal-clear, drinkable water. The river's unique character is mirrored in the charming shops lining its banks. Among the mosques dotting the Bosnian landscape, the Colorful Mosque in Travnik stands out as a genuine marvel. Even locals find themselves irresistibly drawn to its exquisite floral ornamentation and the minaret placed on the "unconventional" side.


Once a royal city, Jajce has transformed into an open-air museum boasting an impressive collection of 29 national monuments. At its heart lies the magnificent 21-meter-tall Jajce Waterfall, proudly ranked among the world's 12 most beautiful waterfalls (according to locals). Prepare to be awe-struck by this natural wonder as the water falls with majestic splendor. Enter into the Catacomb, an underground church with a fascinating history, visit the Bear Tower, and see the church where the last Bosnian king was crowned. In addition, Jajce features a museum devoted to the fight against Nazism, which makes it a particularly engaging site.

Pliva lake

Just a mere five kilometers away from Jajce, Pliva Lake was born from the transformation of the Pliva River's course, also serving as a vital hydro-energy source. The lake is a haven for birdwatchers, offering sightings of herons, kingfishers, and graceful swans. Kayakers are especially fond of Pliva Lake due to its serene, flat waters—an ideal destination for paddling enthusiasts. OPTIONAL: Those interested in seeing the lake from a new angle might take a brief boat excursion.

Pliva Watermills

And just when you think our tour couldn't get any better, we'll lead you to the Pliva Watermills. This enchanting location feels straight out of a fairy tale, offering a perfect setting for capturing unforgettable memories through your camera lens. The Watermills are a one-of-a-kind piece of history built during the Austro-Hungarian period, perfectly fitted in the natural environment. Today, a few of these watermills still continue to grind grain using power of water. 

We will provide you with the drop off directly to your accommodation in Zagreb or the closest point if you are staying at the Old Town where vehicles are restricted. 


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